Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Did my very first baby shoot this past weekend for my good friend Moala, who won my baby shoot giveaway.  I just felt in the mood to try my luck at doing a baby shoot, plus they are so adorable! Her son was such a cutie! I have to say it was a little more work then I thought it would be, but in the end I really loved a lot of the pictures I got.

This shoot was all impromtu! I had my friend Moala bring baby Penisimani to my house and we used my ottoman, some random props I got ready the night before, a bunch of their blankets, and shot in my living room using the light straight from my window.  It was actually pretty fun! I think we were all exhausted too, because I had mo and her sisters help to hold up back drops and such while I took a million pictures.  All of this to try and capture the true essence of baby Penisimani at such a young and tender age, he is only one month! It was a nice practice shoot, plus I can now do better planning for the next one, but at least we got some nice pics!

Thank you to Moala and your family! Especially your sister Lupi!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Okay so I am finally back! And I do plan on staying this time, so I apologize for all the many times I started a blog and then quit.  I have never really been a blogger, but now that I am getting older and in my late twenties, and the idea is now more appealing.
 For those of you confused because I have two pages I apologize, this is my new one! The old one says "Tema Hola's Old Page!" And this new one is just "Tema Hola."  I am in the process of getting rid of my old one after I get all my friends over to this new page ( :

A lot has changed over years, but a lot has stayed the same, lol.  The hubby and I just bought us a home in Provo Utah about a year ago, which was pretty big for us!  Only problem is once you buy a huge home, your huge Tongan family almost takes over! No, like literally! Lol, we have had a lot of our immediate family stay with us on and off.  It can be fun, but can be hard sometimes when the utility bills are higher and the food disappears pretty quickly. Our house gets torn up as if we have 10 kids, but there is only two of us. Yeah you probably would not believe that only two people really lived here.  Okay well my mom has a room here too, even though she already has her own house in Salt Lake.  She gets to come and go and she pleases, a Tongan princess I tell ya! Lol  

Right now the hubby and I are both working, plus I am in school trying to pursue photography.  Many have asked what is going on with my photography business, and the truth is that it is somewhat on the back burner while I am focusing on school. Although if anyone requests me to be their photographer in the mean time, and I have the time, then I will definitely do it.  A dollar is a dollar, and ya know I can't refuse to make extra ends, especially if that dollah comes with additonal zero's! Lol!! Nah, it doesn't always happen like that in reality. 
 My better half finished his undergrad and works at a Private youth facility with troubled youth.  We have now been married for almost 5 years this summer which is pretty crazy!  It really feels like 20 years bahaha.... Nah but I am still forever grateful because this guy is certainly the strength to all my weaknesses and he says the same about me, promise I didn't make that up! Lol

 Picture I took of our home about a month ago...
  The most recent pic I could find of us... concert photography turned into date night ( ; 
Legs were killerrrr because I just finished shooting a wedding earlier that same day! He worked his full shift in Provo then came out to Salt Lake to support me almost all night long! #Happy & Tired